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The Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council (HC3) is the premier member organization for the development of Hispanic Leaders in Corporate America.

“To be with the best, BE with the best”

Our mission is to increase the number of successful Hispanic executives by adding value to their development, leadership, and philanthropic endeavors thereby strengthening their companies, organizations, and communities.


Addressing issues that are important to C-Level Executives to enhance representation of Hispanics in the Board Room, C-Suite, and the pipeline.


With key peer-to-peer sessions, summits, and an annual 10 month Executive Development Program, the growth of each executive will be measured.


Engaging traditional and social media to elevate visibility and connect with other organizations to share executive value to further the Hispanic Executive.


Having the best Hispanic executives connected provides endless opportunities to enhance this elite business community to the best it can be.

A Message From Our Founder

“We, as leaders in the Hispanic community, saw an opportunity to promote, engage, and develop leaders from public and private companies, and seen the model work successfully in the African-American community, and said it was our time to rise.  Our focus on having incredible leaders being seen collectively creates inspiration for the next generation to be it.” 

Andre Arbelaez

HC3 CEO & President

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